Kate Okoli's Thought Leadership


  1. ​People fail in marriages not because they are bad , but because of the choices they make in that relationship from the beginning of courtship- KO.

  2. Any marriage is comprised of two people with unique pasts. ideologies, belief system ,family history, environmental factors, life experiences , needs and values , who have together created a unique world different from any other couple on planet earth- KO

  3. Life is a Journey and marriage itself is part of life’s journey, choose carefully who you want to take along that journey.

  4. Marriage is beautiful.

  5. Marriage rocks

  6. Marriage just like every other thing in life requires hard work.

  7. You cannot give what you don’t have. Love yourself first

  8. Love is not blind, lovers are blind to life’s realities.

  9. You have goodness on the inside of you.

"You have goodness on the inside of you." - KO