Life Coaching for Children

Are you a parent?

Do you have children within the ages of 6-18yrs?

Are you finding it difficult coping?

Are you a new mum or dad struggling to cope with being a first time parent?

Do you require additional parental skills?

Is your son or daughter struggling with LIFESKILLS like cooking, cleaning, or any other problems typical of children?

Are you having challenges with raising your teenage son/daughter?

Is your child being bullied at school?

We will look at strategies/ issues in your child’s life and help restore a balance depending on the circumstances of the case.

We will help your child with their emotional skills which refers to a child ‘s ability to deal with life’s challenges, express and control his or her emotional stat including anger, sadness, excitement , anxiety and joy.

You will agree with me that emotional self regulation is an important aspect of resilience.


We teach them patience, self reliance, responsibility, bonding; .you will agree with me that early friends are largely based on convenience and shared experience.

We teach about family values, respect for self and community and self control and also the consequences of deviating.

Are you determined to address all or any of this problems conclusively?


As our name implies, We have a beautiful mind to help you achieve your goals while realizing your full potentials.

We have a fun and engaging curriculum with which we work with kids. This Curriculum is story based and kids do enjoy every session we engage with them. We realised that one of the best ways of coaching kids without boring them is through stories.

We organise WORKSHOPS and TRAINING SESSIONS for children.

You have goodness on the inside of you.

Inspirational thought leading Speeches that will challenge and motivate kids to be the best in their community.

Through our kid’s Coaching programme, we help children understand who they are, while helping to build their self confidence, imparting their generation with love, compassion and fulfilment of purpose

We offer transformational Coaching, group coaching, Workshops and Seminars in ElementarySchools, Secondary Schools and Universities Community groups, Churches /Organisations, Jails and Prisons.

"You have goodness on the inside of you." - KO