Who We Are


The beautiful mind transformational life coaching is a resource centre for people from all walks of life. We help people achieve excellence and also discover and understand the purpose for their existence. While taking our clients on this journey of self discovery, we make every stage enjoyable for them by making them have clarity of purpose through removing all blockages which has held them bound for so long.

It’s my job to show you the pathway. I am not judgemental and will definitely leave my personal opinion at the door.

I am flexible, calm, and compassionate; I also respond quickly and will not try to persuade you to accept my views.

My coaching will help you:

  • Set priorities in your life

  • Achieve a better work life balance

  • Understand your strength & weaknesses

  • Resolve3 problems in your persona life

  • Overcome obstacles

  • Achieve your goals

  • Identify your life values

  • Help you create an action plan

  • Act as a sounding board

  • Challenge yourself to achieve greater heights

  • Stick to your resolutions

  • Acknowledge your successes

  • Help you understand yourself

  • Help you prioritise your life

  • Help you see alternatives

I am here to get things sorted for you and will guide you into achieving that change that you so desire.

Once you are able to reveal what you want to me, I will help you achieve your goal.

My job is to help you manage the difficult path through life. I am genuinely interested in you.

I may not have gone through exactly what you are going through right now, but trust me; life has thrown me some unpleasant situations also. I have encountered disappointments and rejections with friends and family and have also experienced loss of a loved one.

I took the bull by the horn during those gloomy days and made forgiveness my watchword. I forgave those who hurt me and also forgave myself. Most importantly, i rediscovered myself by understanding that until i begin to love myself and to appreciate who i am, it is difficult for anyone to love me .I made up my mind that in order to be worthy of love, i must first of all love myself, knowwhat i want and set the pace for anyone to follow. It is either they want in or out. The greatest love is love for yourself. You have goodness on the inside of you. -KO

Do you know?

That you have a tape on the inside of you that plays every time you come against a challenge? ; It says you wouldn’t succeed, you can’t succeed, its other people who do that kind of thing, not you. It tells you, you always mess up, advising you to play safe. Let others try it because you will make a fool of yourself trying. It’s far too complicated.

Sometimes this lies goes as far as even reminding you of what others say or think about you, or what past experiences you may have had in form of failed relationships, family background or delays in marriage, past mistakes or past histories.


The truth is that if you are determined to change yourselfimage, re-programme your internal tape , build your self confidence and have a new mindset, you can lead a happy and fulfilling life irrespective of past mistakes or past failures or what anyone may think about you.
Who told you, you cannot get that job or that career? Who told you that because you were raised by a single parent you cannot find true love? Who told you because you were raped and abused at a young age, you are worth less,who told you, you cannot set up a successful business because of your ethnic background or social status? who told you , you are too old to be married or that you cannot find true love again after fleeing an abusive relationship? Who told you all men are bad and that all women cannot be trusted?

You have goodness on the inside of you.

I am here to help you see the positive aspects of your life and also to help you understand that indeed your future success and happiness is in your hands. There is no enemy out there who has access to your life if you do not give them access. You can be happy and successful just like every other person.

How you can achieve this?

If you are an optimist looking for the silver lining in any situation, I can access and alter your behaviour.


If you are determined to turn your life around by working with me, I will hand you a tool that will lead you on the path of self discovery.

Do you know that you have goodness on the inside of you?

I will make you list out the successful things you have done ,list your good qualities, bring to your attention the fact that you have quietly absorbed negative statements about yourself.

Once you know who you are and what you have on the inside of you, this is the first step to this discovery.

"You have goodness on the inside of you." - KO

All behaviours come from a positive intention. I will teach you about behaviour flexibility built on the premise that if one behaviour is not worthy, then you have the flexibility to try something else that might help.


Strategies for change using positive affirmations.

Positive Affirmations:
I will guide our clients on how to use positive affirmation as a strategy for change.

Throughout history, humans have made the once “impossible” possible ……from airplane flights to cell phones ,to wireless phones to open heart surgery- impossible dreams have become day to day conveniences of the modern world .but how does this happen? BY DREAMING!!!

Someone thought of an idea , believed in that idea, and took action to make it happen.

I will take you through how to create a vision for your life, with intention versus drifting through life. How to use goal setting to turn your vision into action and how to use the law of attraction tools of visualization,affirmation, and gratitude to program your mind for success.

Persistence. This is a tool used to make a client understand that they cannot achieve instant results through persistence.

Gap Analysis;

Current situation

The Situation the client would like to attain

How the client will bridge the gap

Persistence and Intention

Get you to take action and show you how to set these goals.

If you’ve been doing one thing for so long and no change, then change is required.

I will teach you how to cry out when you finally realize this world can’t help you . You will cry out to the one who can .

PSALM 34:17
The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth , and delivereth them out of all their troubles.
You have goodness on the inside of you- KO