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Kate Okoli –

Hi There,
I am an international Lawyer,(Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales) , an Author, International Speaker, Visionary Mentor, Life Coach, Family & Relationship Coach.

My name is Kate Okoli. I AM A BARRIER BREAKER. I work as a transformational life coach and International speaker -The beautiful mind transformational resource centre.

Thank you for finding time to visit my site.

I am a lawyer,Author, Transformational Life Coach , Relationship Coach, Children Coach and International Speaker. I wear so many hats and enjoy life to the fullest despite the daily challenges.

I want you to know that you have goodness on the inside of you.All you need to achieve anything in life is to be intentional. Be positive.

I do agree with Napoleon Hill who stated that the starting point of all achievements is desire.

Once you are able to desire something, you can achieve what you desire by strategizing, being intentional, working hard to achieve your heart’s desire.

I have practised as a lawyer for over 22yrs, helping diverse people from all walks of life solve their legal problems. I also have acquired great skills and expertise in offering advice to people.

I took interest in family and relationship having seen families hurt so badly over the years as a result of divorce and separation.

MY ROLE as a LAWYER gives me an advantage as I have over the years acquired LISTENING SKILLS which makes it so easy for me to listen to my clients without being judgemental irrespective of the circumstances.

I have worked with thousands of people in my professional capacity on a one –to-one basis helping them find lasting solutions to their problems.

I am a fighter and fight to help my clients achieve their goals taking them from the point of self doubt to that of boldness, confidence and self actualisation.

My work as a coach is to help ordinary people no matter their age, background ,race or social class, unleash the greatness within them using every single goodness on the inside of them as a leverage . I help people progress from where they are to where they want to be by setting goals and making sure that targets are put in place to meet that goal.

I will guide you on the path of self development and actualisation.

I will teach you how to create a simple, less complicated vision for your life.

I can take you to the next level in your life be it your career, business, relationship, money matters, debt. I can help you’ PIMP YOUR LIFE’, but it will take a level of commitment from you.

I am not here to tell you how to run your life but to change your behaviour, your perception and values so you can step out of your comfort zone.

I am blessed with the gift and ability to help people discover the greatness in them and also direct them on how to use their inner will power to bring about transformation in all aspects of their life.


Are you full of neediness? Do you need lots of love and lots of reassurance? Do you validate your life through others? Are you capable of self actualisation or achieving things for yourself? Do you set goals or make new resolutions over and over again?

I will help you remove that self limiting belief, Lack of self-reliance, lack of assertiveness, self knowledge, lack of self worth and self defeatism.

I will re-program your mind and instil in you self confidence while at the same time guide you through how to change your ongoing negative self belief while giving you a new mindset.

A distorted view of the world leads to a surprise when reality intrudes.

Are you an optimist looking for the Silver lining in any situation?

Do you know that who an individual is cannot be changed, but his behaviour certainly can be accessed and altered?

You may not be engaged in the most constructive behaviour but we can still value you as an individual .I teach clients that all behaviour come from a positive intention. Behavioural flexibility built on the premise that if one behaviour is not working, then you have the flexibility to try something else that might.

I have mastered my coaching skills and effectively and consistently use them to coach clients. I have mastered the nuances of my chosen coach specialty and have effective way to continually practice and enhance my coaching skills.

I am therefore confident that in my ability to get results for my clients I provide what my idea clients need and want.

I have a 100% success rate with determined and serious clients and wouldn’t want to spoil my track record. I can help you set SMART GOALS which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timed.

A 30Min encounter with me will definitely leave a lasting impression on you.



  • I believe that there is greatness and goodness in all human beings and that we are not a coincidence. We are created for a purpose and the moment we dispose of all self-doubt and our old belief system , we are on the road to achieving great success and self actualisation.

  • I believe that we live in an atmosphere of miracles

  • I believe that we are created for a purpose and the moment we discover that purpose through vision , this vision gives us revelation and the resultant revelation brings about transformation

  • I believe that the circumstances of your birth , your parental background, past hurts, pains , past rejections , failures, age , height, colour race or educational background cannot stand as a barrier towards your achieving your GOD GIVEN potential.

  • I believe that everything works together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.

  • I believe that you are what you think you are . As a man thinks in his heart , so he is.

  • I believe that life and death are in the tongue .

  • I believe that we live in an atmosphere of miracles .

  • I believe that people are not bad but the choices that they make , makes them look bad.

  • I believe in second chances and that delay is not denial.

"You have goodness on the inside of you." - KO