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Is your marriage in crisis? Are you looking for a step –by-step help and support to genuinely revive and restore your marriage?

We offer help that is a powerful and reinvigorating alternative to traditional marriage counselling.

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We focus basically on helping couples who are in the brink of a divorce or separation , interested in restoring their marriage


A hearty welcome to you. I am pleased to have you visit my site. I am a person who is passionate about relationships, be it marriage relationship, family, friends or even extended family members.

My passion to see relationships strive is birthed from both personal experience and also my professional experience working for over two decades as a family lawyer.

I have watched families torn apart due to crisis in marriage. It is not a pleasant sight.

I have seen men and women broken and battered as a result of wrong choices made in choosing their life partner for all the wrong reasons. Ordinary good people suddenly demonised by their other half because they had no business being together from day 1.

I have also seen children who are left in the crossroad of this relationship crisis due to decision taken by adults. . Broken and traumatised sometimes ending up with Social Services and or in the streets.

My mission has been for years to help people uncover the truth in their relationship .Many couples struggle in their relationships due to the fact that they either don’t know why they got into that union in the first place, or perhaps they failed to ask themselves the purpose for which that union was formed by them.

Most times in this kind of union, expectations are high, there is no commitment, no set goals, no communication, which then leads to continuous disappointments, disillusionment and subsequent frustration and resentment.


I help couples and individuals uncover the truth in their relationships through exposing them into different ways of understanding their problems, understanding that as long as they are committed they can make an informed decision to be Intentional, which brings about significant shifts in the way and manner they relate with their partners
I am dedicated and passionate about helping families learn how to create a happy journey through life , enjoying their relationship and understanding that life itself is a journey and it will be lonely to go through this journey all alone

To achieve a successful marriage there are skills which neds to be imbibed and acquired. These skills have to be learnt. I learnt these skills also because I am a person who in my past life looked for love and friendship and serious relationships in all in all the wrong places through my days in UNIVERSITY, and even in business relationships. I learnt the hard way, but thank GOD for life’s experiences.

I don’t know if we will ever meet but whatever happens, I wish you the very best in your life‘s journey, be it in friendship, love , marriage, relationship with children, work colleagues and life generally.

You may be a higher earner but still dissatisfied with life in the area of relationship. You may also be jaded with the illusory nature of wealth and even life crisis or blues for a lack of partner, loneliness, disappointments and frustrations like empty nester

I will help you draw on a lifetime of personalised experience to show you how to create a loving, romantic relationship that can last you a lifetime

I help to empower my clients by giving them the tools and skills to be able to gain a sense of control over their daily approach towards relationship in order to create a balance without having to be overwhelmed.

My approach is simple………

With over 22yrs practising as a family lawyer I have sat on both sides of the bench listening to clients who are either Respondents or Applicants in different divorce suits and matrimonial matters.

I am one of the most successful marriage crisis/ relationship coach in the UK.

Kate Okoli shares her thinking which has helped many couples seek her guidance and counselling, helping them to rebuild their lives out of their crisis.

Kate is known as the most sought after marriage in crisis specialist. She is famous for continuously saving marriages from divorce in months without the need to create changes that are short lived.

Kate is a favourite of professionals , churches, men and women alike . She also uses the word of God to set realistic goals for couples in crisis supporting them all the way through.


That man , that woman that you desire is within your reach. Not only will I show you exactly what path to take , I will take you down the path and will be there for you every step of the way.

It is not mystery or luck , but it is the result of a formula strategically put in place

HAPPILY EVER AFTER is a system I have created to help both singles and married people achieve that level of happiness they dream of right from the start of a relationship until they walk up the aisle and also guaranteeing living happily ever in their marriage.

Programme Enrolment is by application.

Please complete this HAPPILY EVER AFTER Application form now so that we can find out a little about you , your love life, where you are at the moment , we want to be certain that this product is the right product for you and will help you achieve every goal as far as meeting your life partner is concerned .

Remember this programme is designed specifically for each couple and their situation and personal needs and value system.


  1. What it takes to build a successful relationship – This is very important because almost 80% of the population don’t have the know how on how to build a successful marriage relationship. They take their relationship for granted, misplaced priority, thinking that sex, money, beauty and social class will guarantee a long lasting happy relationship.

  2. You will learn about behavioural patterns- using this tool, we help couples to learn about patterns that destroy their marriage, replacing it with patterns that actually works.

  3. What brings about failure in relationships . Couples are unaware of the effect they have on each other and their future together.

  4. Understanding the significant difference between men and women . Their approach in communication due to their differences, their general dispositions . Communication can be challenging and so understanding each other effectively will grow a deeper bond.

  5. How to create trust and respect without which there will be a future of pain and fear rather than pleasure and bliss and so a lack of trust and respect causes marriages to fail.

  6. How to deal with conflict positively and avoid resentment and bottled up anger

  7. I will teach you how to understand what your partner REALLY NEDS. Their love handle. Marriages fail because couples have no clue how to meet their partner’s needs and so they either are oblivious or they try to guess and they fail.

  8. I will teach you how to discover each other’s strength so that you both can become a team rather than rivals. People feel better when they work in their strength and these aids secure attachment which are the foundation to their success.

  9. How to build a future that is compelling to both of you- I will teach you how to invest in each other ‘s future to help you grow together

  10. Discover how to reclaim your true self in your relationship- This brings about honesty , freedom, and allows confidence and self esteem to thrive.

  11. It is possible for a relationship to be dead for life and be revived.

  12. I will teach you about sex and Intimacy

  13. Infidelity

  14. Blended families and some of the problems they face.

  15. Outside Influences.

  16. Financial issues

  17. Communication- How to hear and be heard.

  18. Unfulfilled expectations.

  19. Balancing marriage and children.

"You have goodness on the inside of you." - KO